I make videos, sound installations, and paintings that focus on shared emotional reactions.   With an interest in love and sanctioned violence, I focus on imagery that depicts or instigates mass emotion.  In my process I search for instances of emotional overload in pop culture, sports, politics, consumerism, and religion. I look for subjects that the masses deeply care about, encompassing the struggles and passions of the whole as opposed to those of an individual.

My paintings use an abstract language of deconstructed iconography, where grid-like structures such as flags and sports playing fields become symbols of events that gather people together to share a singular heightened experience.   I use intense color and aggressive movement to portray spontaneous and calculated bursts of both emotion and physicality. These pieces are made quickly and reflexively, without preconception. 

In contrast, my video work uses appropriated, low-resolution footage that lends itself to repetition and blurriness. They are portraits of people having hysterical reactions, found on the Internet and in historical archives. I am interested in what is captivating the world, what moves people and what grabs their attention. These pieces specifically address the violence inherent in extreme emotion, most of all love. They unite disparate groups of people’s reactions to subject matter that is both serious and superficial. This work seeks to distill commonalities inherent in frenzied, collective love across social, economic, and political strata.